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Northeast Metropolitan Regional Vocational High School

Business Technology

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The Business Technology Program offers training in areas related to the fast growing and exciting Automated Office Business Environments. Students will be taught manual and computerized accounting and will gain intensive, hands on experience using the most popular computer applications in the industry such as; Microsoft Excel, Word, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook, QuickBooks Accounting and Turbo Tax. Office Tech students will have the opportunity to test for Industry Certifications like MOUS (Microsoft Office User Specialist) and IC3 (Internet and Computing Core Certification). Students will be introduced to information technology and E-Commerce will be introduced through web page development and maintenance using software programs like FrontPage. All Office Tech students will receive “All Aspects of the Industry” training in Business Law, Finance Business Management, Business Math and Marketing preparing students to become well-rounded employees, employers or entrepreneurs. The Office Technology Program prepares and strongly encourages our graduates to continue their education at the post-secondary level.