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Northeast Metropolitan Regional Vocational High School


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The Northeast Carpentry Program is designed to instruct students in all types of house construction and remodeling. Students are involved in foundation layout work, house framing and exterior and interior finish carpentry work. The students work with a variety of building and finishing materials and become familiar with modern methods and styles of commercial and residential construction. Carpenters are the largest group of building trade workers. They usually have greater opportunities than most other construction workers to become general construction supervisors as they are involved with the entire construction process. Throughout the program, strong emphasis is placed on employment with a union shop or general contractor.

An integral component of the Carpentry curriculum involves shop workstations allowing students to practice all phases of house construction. Students are instructed in the use of hand power tools, industrial woodworking machinery, and a variety of contractor power and battery operated tools. In the related (theory) courses, particular attention is paid to the knowledge of all materials used in the trade, the layout and calculation of dimensions, entry level framing, window and door installation, and blueprint reading.