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Northeast Metropolitan Regional Vocational High School


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Students in the Northeast Electrical program will become proficient in electrical wiring, hardware installation and the repair of electrical and related equipment. In addition, the students will become familiar with circuit design, blueprint reading, and the laws and regulations pertaining to the electrical field. Students enrolled in the Electrical program will learn the proper use of hand tools, power tools, hydraulic tools, taps/dies, grinders, and heat tools for bending poly vinyl chloride conduit. They will be introduced to a wide range of specialized wiring within the electrical industry such as fire alarm systems, burglar alarms, signal circuits, television, communications circuits and boilers.

Students who are enrolled in the Electrical program of studies must successfully complete the fundamentals of the electrical curriculum from their sophomore to senior year. The course introduces students to electrical concepts and theories. Upon successful completion of the fundamentals of the electrical course, the students will focus on electrical theory, the National / Massachusetts Electrical Codes, specialty circuits drawing, and mathematics related to the electrical field.