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Programs of Study


northeastgoldenknightsAcademic & Career Tech Programs


Click the attached link for the full text: Program of Studies 2013-2014


kids-in-classAcademics programs include English, Social Studies, Mathematics and Science. The graduation requirements for each are outlined below:

4 years of English 20 credits
2 years of Social Studies (US History reqd) 8 credits
3 years of Mathematics 15 credits
3 years of Science 15 credits
Physical Education/Health/Enrichment/World Language and other Electives 27 credits

All Students must pass the 10th grade MCAS examination in accordance with the State of Massachusetts standards, as established by the MA Department of Education, as a prerequisite for receipt of a Northeast Metro Tech High School Diploma and Vocational Certificate.

shopNortheast Metro Tech offers 18 career and technical areas in which students progress from a basic understanding of their chosen concentration to apprentice-level skills and beyond. Vocational education provides students with 21st century employability skills necessary to compete in the continually changing marketplace. It enables our students and graduates to make an excellent living and contribute directly to the economic health of our service area communities and beyond.



Programs:  Please click on the links to the right for more information on our Career & Technical Programs.

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