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Sophomore Presentations

Sophomore Presentation

 High Stakes Testing / Occupational and Career Pathways:  Career Instructor and Career Counselor

Sophomore Initial  Resume, Competencies, opening of account for testing

website resources: (Guidance tab), (Student 4 year Career Plan, Resume, Career Assessments, Favorite Career and Occupational Reserach, College Majors and Saved Colleges) (SAT registration, colleges, majors, and free study materials)

A lot to talk about this year – a lot of exploration to do about your shop area and the career paths that are possible for you. Next year you will have many decisions to make, but 10th grade is all about learning new skills and competencies. The MCAS shows your academic skills nd your shop competencies show your technical skills.  Now is the time to set goals for the next 2 years and do research.  Know your choices about your shop career and college pathways.  Need to be organized and have a plan.  Need to involve family/other supportive adults when discussing plans. High Stakes Tests: SAT, ACT, Accuplacer, Civil Service, Licensure, Certification, ASVAB

  • Keep setting academic, social and technical goals for the next 2 years and beyond. [career plan]. 
  • Know your choices about your shop career and college pathways and work to select a career or educational path that you can follow after high school. Understand where to locate resources at school and on websites. [][NE website]
  • Select high school courses that will best prepare you for your occupational and educational choices
  • Work on being organized and having a plan.   [eportfolio] [sign up for]
  • Involve family and other supportive adults when discussing plans. [parent portal and set up parent linkage].
  • Bring home information for family discussion of options and resources.
  • Prepare for High Stakes Tests: MCAS, SAT, ACT, Accuplacer, Civil Service, Licensure, Certification, ASVAB
  • Understand the work/apprentice/educational requirements for entry into occupations of your highest preference and identify where to find this information through websites and other resources.
  • Update your resume and view the e-portfolio option.

 Graduation Requirements:  

  • Earn at least 190 of 200 possible credits
  • Pass MCAS
  • Complete Junior/Senior Project
  • Earn Competencies


  • CREATE INITIAL  Resume (on
  • Entrepreneurship and Business Legal Structures (Mr. Pisani’s class/Career Center)


  • Review what a Union is and what an Apprenticeship is
  • Multiple requirements:  different Test Dates, Age requirements, CORIs, Drug Screens, which Local are you applying for


  • ASVAB Test
  • Paths to Enlistment:  ROTC, Service Academies, enlistment from high school
  • Which branch are you applying for? Military Service Night (ROTC/Service Academies) - Can apply Junior Year - due by January of Senior Year
  • Yearly presentation in November at Danversport Yacht Club

PSATs and SATs : open online discussion High Stakes Testing and the need to study for tests

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