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Junior Presentations

Junior PowerPoint Presentation

Employment / College / Military Choices and Career Pathways:  Shop Counselor and Career Counselor
Junior Career Plan, Resume and Sample Cover Letter : English Teacher, Career Counselor, Career Instructor

website resources: (Guidance tab), (Student 4 year Career Plan, Resume, Career Assessments, Favorite Career and Occupational Reserach, College Majors and Saved Colleges) (SAT registration, colleges, majors, and free study materials)


  • UPDATE Resume (on
  • Interview Skills (Mr. Pisani’s class/Career Center)
  • Line Up Recommendations (your shop teachers, academic teachers)
  • or (beware of sharing info over internet)

Cooperative Education   :  Requirements / Eligibility for Senior Year

 Apprenticeships - usually can apply to most before graduation next year - must be 18 years old for majority

  • Test Dates, Age requirements, CORIs  Drug Screens, which Local are you applying for?
  • Interview Skills (Mr. Pisani’s class/Career Center)
  • Resume (on
  • Transcript (must show graduation)
  • Do you have transfer hours from your shop that can be used? Get documentaion of those hours from your Department Head.


  • ASVAB Test
  • Paths to Enlistment:  ROTC, Service Academies, enlistment from high school
  • Which branch are you applying for? Military Service Night (ROTC/Service Academies) - Can apply Junior Year - due by January of Senior Year
  • Yearly presentation in November at Danversport Yacht Club

Furthering Your Education:  Technical Colleges, Community Colleges, 2-year Colleges, 4-Year Colleges/Universities  

Technical Schools

  • 1-2 years of post high school training in a specific job/technical area
  • Examples, Ben Franklin, Massasoit CC, MassBay CC, ITT, UTI, NEIT, Newbury, Johnson&Wales, NE Culinary Institute

Two Year Community College

  • 1 year-certificate – also offer technical training in areas of health, childcare, culinary, computers
  • 2 year- AA/ AS – English, Math, SS, Science, electives and area of study
  • No SATs  but MUST TAKE ACCUPLACER exam to accurately place you into college classes
  • If you do not pass Accuplacer, you will have to take, pass and pay for remedial classes that do not count towards a degree.

SATs : registration, waivers, all info ONLINE – you must check msgs


Different SAST study options: Examples:
Group classes:- 4 hours each over 5 Weeks : $200 night school  class through private companies - $999
SAT Online Course: same as SAT Course except done completely online : $69.00
SAT Books and SAT & PSAT Study Materials

Four Year College (Public or Private)

  • Must take SATs and get @ 500-550+ in English and Math for state universities (GPA / SAT Formula)
  • SAT scores and GPA at NE in Honors/CP classes DETERMINES your admission more than anything else – some state colleges/universities no longer weigh recommendations or essays
  • However, you must write an Essay and get letters of Recommendation for 4 year school apps
  • Application with Application fee – if on free lunch there are eligibility waivers
  • Common Application info – types of applications - have English teacher check essay

Scholarships and Financial Aid:   Can research now and fill out info on websites but indicate for next year 

  • Mr. Zervas – there is an application for Scholarships available through your feeder towns
  • Financial Aid:  the most you can borrow is $5,500 - $3,500 is subsidized and $2,000 is unsub w/interest right now 6.8%
  • Website for scholarships
  • Individual Scholarships based on: talents, income, goals, etc.

College Fair: Juniors can go on Field Trip to National College Fair in April/May in Boston, MA


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