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Northeast Metropolitan Regional Vocational High School

Graphic Communications Career

Average Salary* (Boston)     $45,010
Average Salary* (U.S.)         $35,510      * According to KUDER.COM
Average Salary* (Boston)     $35,080
Average Salary* (U.S.)         $31,490      * According to KUDER.COM

Sample Job Titles:  Desktop Publisher, Job Printers, Photographic Processing Machine Operator, Prepress Technician, Printing Machine Operator.

Technical and Higher Education Majors:  Desktop Publisher, Communication Technology, Graphic Design

Career Advancement:   For those who are interested in pursuing a career in desktop publishing, an associate degree or a bachelors degree in graphic arts, graphic communications, or graphic design is preferred.

                              CONNECTIONS TO WORK AND HIGHER EDUCATION
                                      CERTIFICATIONS AVAILABLE IN HIGH SCHOOL
                                      OSHA G10   10 hour General Industry Cerification
                                                                  Print Ed Certification
                                               COLLEGE CREDITS AVAILABLE IN HIGH SCHOOL
                                                                  Tech Prep Connection
  College: Aritculated Course/Number           Possible Credits         What you earn
      Boston University Center for Digital
           Imaging Arts
       No Courses Specifically                           No Credits          $2000.00 tuition reimbursement
       New England Institute of Art
GD 102 Frndamentals of Design                            3                  Tuitionig Credit
       New England Institute of Technology
MWD 112 Digita Graphics                                     3             Tuition Credit towards Associates Degree
MWD 241 Design  3                                              3            Tuition Credit towards Associates Degree
MWD 231 Desktop Publishing 1                             4            Tuition Credit towards Associates Degree      
       North Shore Community College
GRA 116 Electronic Imaging                                  3              Tuition Credit
GRA 118 Digital Page Layout                                 3              Tuition Credit


Course Plan

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