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Joint Admissions and Mass Transfer Program

A transfer program between the Massachusetts Community Colleges and Universities. click here for : MassTransfer  or enter url:   Click here for approved program: Approved MassTransfer programs   or enter url: 

The MassTransfer program is available to community college students who are enrolled in approved academic programs. Based on program agreements, any student enrolled in an approved transfer program at a Massachusetts Community College who earns an Associate Degree with a 2.5 or higher cumulative grade point average is eligible and is guaranteed admission to participating state universities (all except Massachusetts College of Art).

MassTransfer students who wish to be admitted to a major that requires specific courses or grades must meet those requirements.
You must complete and submit an INTENT TO ENROLL FORM and transcripts from your community college and high school to the undergraduate Admissions office at the state college or UMASS campus where you plan to enroll.

Enrolling in these programs does not obligate you in any way or prevent you from exploring options at other colleges and universities.
Stop by or call your local community college and ask to speak with either an admissions or transfer counselor.         
You can also contact one of the participating colleges or university campuses:

Bridgewater State University University of Massachusetts at Amherst
Fitchburg State University University of Massachusetts Boston
Framingham State University University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
Massachusetts College of Art University of Massachusetts Lowell
Mass Maritime Academy  
Mass College of Liberal Arts  
Salem State University  
Westfield State University  
Worcester State University  

Students interested in participating in this program should speak with an admissions counselor prior to enrollment at the college of their choice.

The tuition advantage program is an additional benefit for students enrolled in the joint admissions program.  This program awards qualified students a waiver for one-third off the in-state tuition rate.  The tuition advantage program is not available for summer or evening programs.

You must be a participant in joint admissions, earn the associate degree from your community college, and have a 3.0 cumulative grade point average upon graduation. This entitles you to a 33% reduction on in-state tuition for your first year at a state college or university. To renew the waiver for a second year, you must maintain a 3.0 cumulative grade point average.

All joint admissions students file an INTENT TO ENROLL FORM when they are ready to transfer to the state college or University campus of their choice. Procedures to claim your tuition advantage benefits vary from college to college. Contact your community college transfer office for specific details.

Many institutions have their own sources of aid, and require their own forms be submitted in addition to federal and/or state financial aid forms.  As your student requests application materials from institutions, they should also request financial aid materials including applications.  Note the deadlines for these financial aid applications as they may vary from application and other financial aid application deadlines.
If your family does not have access to the Internet resources are available at your local public library.


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