Grade 11 Career Plans

GRADE 11 meetings and presentations focus on the following topics with websites listed:  

  • Reviewing credits for graduation, Junior/Senior project timeline, cooperative education program, information on websites for careers, unions, apprenticeships, civil service, career partnerships, military, tech prep connections:
  • Researching website career paths, college majors, joint admissions requirements, NCAA requirements:;,
  • Discussing the Common Application, Financial Aid Night (January or February 2013):;
  • Discussing SATs, SAT Subject tests, Accuplacer, Civil Service Exams, ASVAB, Joint Admissions and specific major tests (ie: TEAS for Nursing), alternate deadlines for competitive programs, costs associated with applications and sending scores (reviewing financial hardship waiver eligibility/where to buy reviewbooks);;
  • Discussing summer visits to colleges w/parent or guardian: individual college websites have Open House and Tour dates online
  • Reviewing available online e-portfolio
  • Completing Junior Career Plan online and discussion re: EPP and MCAS requirements
  • Resume updated : grade 11 competencies, etc.
  • Discussing course scheduling options for next year

We ask students to think of what they can do this year to plan for their future success, and to realize the commitment it takes to reach those goals. We discuss learning how to make decisions and setting action plans. Goal setting is discussed at every career planning meeting and includes setting academic and technical goals such as: earning high grades to be competitive, researching academic and technical programs and colleges, taking required high stakes assessment exams, and/or getting help to get organized and improve study habits. We discuss setting personal and social goals such as the benefits of: playing a sport, or volunteering in community service activities, or joining clubs. Workplace readiness goals are stressed, such as: looking for part-time or summer employment, reviewing technical competencies to make sure students are on track, and creating initial resumes. Students are encouraged to explore career paths, to do further research to understand what skills, training and education they need to be successful in a career, and are asked to identify their interests, and think about what would give them job satisfaction.

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