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Northeast Metropolitan Regional Vocational High School

Grade 10 Career Plans

Grade 10 Career Plan meetings and presentations focus on graduation requirements (earning credits, passing MCAS, passing shop competencies), goal setting, and occupational research. We ask students to think of what they can do this year to plan for their future success, and to realize the commitment it takes to reach those goals. We discuss learning how to make decisions and setting action plans. Goal setting is discussed at every career planning meeting and includes setting academic and technical goals such as: earning high grades to be competitive, researching academic and technical programs and colleges, taking required high stakes assessment exams, and/or getting help to get organized and improve study habits. We discuss setting personal and social goals such as the benefits of: playing a sport, or volunteering in community service activities, or joining clubs. Workplace readiness goals are stressed, such as: looking for part-time or summer employment, reviewing technical competencies to make sure students are on track, and creating initial resumes. Students are encouraged to explore career paths, to do further research to understand what skills, training and education they need to be successful in a career, and are asked to identify their interests, and think about what would give them job satisfaction. 

                                                SOPHOMORE PRESENTATIONS and MEETINGS

                                         The Year of Building My Skills:  Academically and Vocationally

website (Guidance tab/Career and College Planning tab), (Northeast Metro Tech HS Career and College Planning System:  your resume, assessments, careers, majors, colleges) (SAT registration, colleges, majors, and free study materials).


  • We start your initial Resume (on your account)
  • We research your career/technical area and many career and college choices (,
  • Mr. Pisani :  Career Center - will focus on entrepreneurship and business ownership


Directory of Joint Apprenticeship Training Centers in Massachusetts

  • How do I apply in the future?  Test Dates, Age requirements, Drug Screens, “Locals”
  • Interview Skills (Mr. Pisani’s class/Career Center)
  • Resume (on
  • Transcript (must show graduation)
  • Do you have transfer hours from your shop that can be used? Get documentation of those hours.


  • ASVAB, which branch are you applying for? Military Service Night – Danversport Yacht Club
  • Northeast Recruiter afternoon – usually in December after school

 Education:  Types of educational institutions, Tests:  PSAT, SAT, ACT, Accuplacer, SAT Subject Tests

 Technical Schools

  • 1-2 years of post high school training in a specific job/technical area

 Two Year Community College

  • 1 year-certificate – also offer technical training in areas of health, childcare, culinary, computers
  • 2 year- AA/ AS – English, Math, SS, Science, electives and area of study
  • No SATs  but MUST TAKE ACCUPLACER exam to accurately place you into college classes

 PSATs, SATs, SAT Subject Tests :

  We are opening your account on – it will be your Northeast login and Northeast username;

     PSATs are next year in October : free study materials are on  


  • Most schools require SATs or ACTs in Reading, Math (and Writing);
  • SAT scores and GPA at NE in Honors/CP classes DETERMINES your admission more than anything else – some state colleges/universities no longer weigh recommendations or essays
  • Many require that you write an Essay and get letters of Recommendation for 4 year school apps

 College Fair:  Juniors can go on Field Trip to National College Fair April/May in Boston, MA

 Scholarships  :  What can you do to have multiple funding opportunities? Academic GPA/Community Service/Sports:  everything must be documented and put on Resume : clubs and activities in community and here at Northeast.  Ms. Baratta: Northeast Metro Tech Scholarships:  there is an application process.  Scholarship board: Bulletin board outside Guidance - Ms. Baratta posts all available applications/check regularly.

Websites: students do individual search for outside scholarships.

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