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Northeast Metropolitan Regional Vocational High School

Grade 12 Career Plans

GRADE 12 meetings and presentations focus on graduation and either school to work, apprentice, military or post-graduate education connections.  Seniors fill out their Career Plans with a checklist of what they need to accomplish senior year to reach their transition goals.  Topics include:  Cooperative Education Program, Job searches, Apprenticeship opportunities, Career Pathways, Tech Prep credits and Articulation Agreements, Joint Admissions & Tuition Advantage Programs, Financial Aid/Scholarship Searches, FAFSA (Financial Aid) Night at Northeast, Senior College Timeline, College Planning Responsibilities, SAT Information, ACT Information, Accuplacer Exam Information, ASVAB Information, MA College Fairs Types of Educational Institutions, College & University Requirements, College Application Process, Common Application, and College/ Univ. Application Deadlines.


website (Guidance tab), (your resume, assessments, careers, majors, colleges) (SAT registration, colleges, majors, and free study materials).

Employment and Coop

  • UPDATE Resume (on
  • Cover Letter with your English class
  • Interview Skills (Mr. Pisani’s class/Career Center)
  • Recommendations (your shop teachers, academic teachers)
  • Documents:  SS# or Worker SS#, Birth Certificate, etc.


  • Overall GPA of 80 in Shop  EACH QUARTER
  • Overall GPA of at least a 70 in Academics EACH QUARTER
  • Suspension free (in or out of school) for 10 FULL SCHOOL WEEKS (= 1 quarter)
  • No more than 3 absences, tardies and/or 3 dismissals PER QUARTER (no more than 12 junior year)


  • Test Dates, Age requirements (usually 18), Drug Screens, which Local are you applying for?
  • Interview Skills (Mr. Pisani’s class/Career Center)
  • Resume (
  • Transcript (must show graduation)
  • Do you have transfer hours from your shop that can be used? Get documentation of those hours.


  • Recruiters Assigned to Northeast :  ASVAB Testing  
  • For ROTC and Service Academies look into Military Service Night – Danversport Yacht Club
  • Military afternoon at NE : usually mid-December after school sign-up to meet w/recruiters

Technical Schools

  • 1-2 years of post high school training in a specific job/technical area
  • Examples, Ben Franklin, Massasoit CC, MassBay CC, UTI, NEIT, Newbury, Culinary Institutes

Two Year Community College

  • 1 year-certificate – also offer technical training in areas of health, childcare, culinary, computers
  • 2 year- AA/ AS – English, Math, SS, Science, electives and area of study
  • No SATs  but MUST TAKE ACCUPLACER exam to accurately place you into college classes
  • Medical majors often require additional testing ie: TEAS test
  • If you do not pass Accuplacer, you will have to take, pass and pay for remedial classes that do not count towards a degree.

SATs : sign up, waivers, all info ONLINE – you must check msgs


Four Year College (Public or Private)

  • Most require SATs  (GPA/SAT FORMULA)
  • SAT scores and GPA at NE in Honors/CP classes DETERMINES your admission more than anything else – some state colleges/universities no longer weigh recommendations or essays
  • However, you must write an Essay and get letters of Recommendation for most 4 year school apps
  • Application with Application fee – waivers
  • Common Application info – types of applications – have English teacher check essay 


  • Ms. Baratta - Scholarship Advisor for NE scholarships
  • Website for scholarships and Individual Scholarships based on: talents, income, goals, etc.

College Goal Night: Financial Aid Night      FAFSA.ED.GOV (not  need FSA ID#  

  • Using prior year’s taxes for student and parents/guardians  November 2017
  • CSS Profile Sheet – another financial aid form for private colleges (check on their financial aid page
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