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Northeast Metropolitan Regional Vocational High School

Culinary Arts

 Sample Job Titles:

  • Baker
  • Bartender
  • Chef (Restaurant, Catering, Sous, Pastry, Corporate)
  • Cook (Line, Prep)
  • Food Preparation Worker

Technical and Higher Education Majors: 

  • Culinary
  • Hotel and Restaurant Management

Certification and Career Advancement:  Advancement opportunities for chefs, cooks, and food preparation workers depend on their training, work experience, and ability to perform more responsible and sophisticated tasks. Many food preparation workers, for example, may move into assistant or line cook positions. Chefs and cooks who demonstrate an eagerness to learn new cooking skills and to accept greater responsibility may also move up and be asked to train or supervise lesser skilled kitchen staff. Others may move to larger or more prestigious kitchens and restaurants.   Some chefs and cooks go into business as caterers or personal chefs or open their own restaurant. Others become instructors in culinary training programs. A number of cooks and chefs advance to executive chef positions or food service management positions, particularly in hotels, clubs, or larger, more elegant restaurants.

  • Executive Chef                      * Director of Catering
  • Head Cook                             * Food Services Manager
  • Food Service Director          * Restaurant Manger/Owner



 Industry Affiliations:  SKILLS USA

 Industry Certifications available in High School:  National Restaurant Association ServSafe Certification (ServSafe)

 College Credits toward post-secondary certifications/degrees can be earned through Articulation Agreements with:

College: Articulated Course/Number Possible Credits What you earn
Johnson & Wales  Competency Exams  Required ($ charge)
CU 1345 Intro to Baking and Pastries 3 qc Tuition by Quarter Credits
CUL 1355 New World Cuisine 3 qc Tuition by Quarter Credits
CUL 1385 Fundamentals of Food Service Production 3 qc Tuition by Quarter Credits
North Shore Community College    
CF 101 Basic Culinary Techniques 2 Tuition Credits
CF 104 Intro. Breads Pastries and Desserts 2 Tuition Credits
CF 118 Stocks, Soups and Sauces 2 Tuition Credits
Newbury College    
CU 104 Breads and Rolls 3 Tuition Credits
CU 100 Culinary Concepts & World Flavors 3 Tuition Credits
CU 299 or 290  Culinary Arts Internship 3 Tuition Credits
Culinary Institute of America Food Safety (ServSafe) 1.5 credits   Challenge test: Mathematics 1.5 credits
New England Culinary Institute   $1,000.00 Scholarship

MA State CU Articulation Agreement

One or more CUL courses at a MA community college

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