College Planning Responsibilities

Who is responsible for each section of the college application process?


Parent Responsibilities
  • Talk with your child about post-secondary planning and discuss realistic options.
  • Do a search with your child and view their electronic portfolio
  • Visit colleges with your child the summer prior to their senior year.
  • Develop a list of colleges that you will apply to.
  • Review your child’s essay and college applications (sign the application.)
  • Attend financial aid night at Northeast Metro Tech.
  • Complete financial aid forms prior to the deadline and send to colleges.
  • Complete the release of information form and send to guidance.
Student Responsibilities
  • Search using or to find the best options for schools.
  • Attend presentations in Career Center with your guidance counselor and career counselor.
  • Attend after-school application and college search help sessions in Career Center.
  • Complete the form on college interests prior to your meeting with counselor.
  • Complete research of the schools you are planning on applying to.
  • Visit colleges on your list and set up interviews if necessary.
  • Attend College, Technical and Military Fair at Northeast.
  • Meet all deadlines for application, transcript requests, and scholarships.
  • Complete essay and online applications, and all necessary materials.
  • Take the SATs and request for Collegeboard to send SATs to colleges. (
  • Ask one academic and one shop teacher for a letter of recommendation.
  • Provide teachers with resume.
  • Research scholarships.
  • Complete Transcript Request/release of information and forward to guidance.
  • Send thank you notes to those who helped you with the college process.
Guidance Counselor responsibilities
  • Give presentations during first weeks of school year explaining websites, timelines, options and process.
  • Assist students with the college application process.
  • Complete and mail counselor recommendation form.
  • Mail Northeast school report, profile and transcript.
  • Mail additional information requested by student.
Career Counselor responsibilities
  • Meet with seniors in small groups to discuss the college application process with counselors.
  • Assist students with researching post secondary options through and
  • Complete four year educational career plan..
Academic and Vocational teacher support
  • Review essays, cover letters and resumes with students through English department.
  • Teacher writes recommendations when asked by student.  Student provides up-to-date resume and request weeks in advance.
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