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Northeast Metropolitan Regional Vocational High School

Graduation Requirements

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Graduation Requirements

All subjects must be passed during the senior year to graduate.
All seniors must have completed all work and have a passing grade by senior release day.

All students must pass the 10th grade MCAS examination in the areas of English, Math and Science in accordance with State of Massachusetts standards, as established by the Mass Department of Education, as a prerequisite for receipt of a Northeast Metro Tech High School Diploma and Vocational Certificate.

All seniors are required to complete/pass the senior/junior project prior to graduation. Grades for junior/senior project submitted by related teacher to Vocational Coordinator and Principal as graduation requirements.  


 (190 of 200 Credits)




ENGLISH 4 Years of English 20
MATH 4 Yrs of Math 20
SCIENCE 3 Years of Science 15
SOCIAL STUDIES 2 Years of Social Studies 8
  Must pass US History  
EXPLORATORY  Grade 9 Voc Exploratory 21
  Vocational Term 4  4
RELATED 3 Years of Related 15
SHOP 3 Years of Shop 70
  Total 190
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