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Northeast Metropolitan Regional Vocational High School

Peer Mediation Program

3.j-Peer-MediationNortheast provides a Peer Mediation program to help students resolve problems.  This program is a way for trained students to help other students resolve many types of conflicts.   A mediator is a neutral person who helps people come to their own agreement about how they want to resolve a problem. Mediation is confidential except for threats of serious bodily harm to someone else or to yourself or anything the coordinator thinks could be a safety issue – those will have to be reported to the Guidance Department.  Northeast has a full-time coordinator and is proud to have thirty-nine trained student Peer Mediators.

The Mediation Program embraces four core principles:  Neutrality, Self-Determination, Confidentiality, and Voluntary Consent. The program encourages student responsibility, encourages respect for others, improves school climate, develops leadership, promotes safety, and promotes positive citizenship.

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