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Northeast Metropolitan Regional Vocational High School

Friday, 04 November 2016 09:19

And the Academy Award Goes to...

At the beginning of each school year, our freshmen students are broken up into an "academy." Each academy has a set of teachers that get together each week. The teachers from each academy pick one student each month that not only excels academically but also goes above and beyond, for example, helping fellow classmates, volunteering around the school or just being a well rounded good Northeast Student. If your student has been selected, congratulations!

These awards are great resume builders and the students that received them have worked very hard.

Congratulations freshmen Knights, what a great way to start your time here at Northeast!

Below you can find the group picture from each month,


September Academy 

October Academy

November Academy

December Academy 

January Academy

No February Academy winners due to winter break

March Academy

April Academy